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The secret to sexy, toned arms is SpinGym’s unique, developed by Celebrity Fitness Expert Forbes Riley. This Scientific marvel engages all your upper body and core muscles, the second you start your SpinGym workout. SpinGym is designed to tone up, not bulk up. Wave goodbye to flabby arms.

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The SpinGym Effect

The vibrating, slightly irregular load created by the rotation of the SpinGym’s Central Weighted Disc provides resistance exercise for the muscles – firming, strengthening and toning them. The SpinGym Effect – you’ll look and feel more confident in clothes that reveal your arms, chest and back!

Overall Wellness & Health

Improve muscle tone, coordination, muscle definition.
Stimulate cardio systems which assists in blood oxygenation and release of endorphins.
Increase mind/body connection.
Reduce stress.
Amp up metabolism, burn calories (even while sitting!).
Deepens stretches and warms up shoulder, arm and back muscles prior to sports or workouts.
Improve stamina.

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For the upper body, SpinGym® is a dynamic system for toning, strengthening and sculpting your arms, chest, back and shoulders. To give you the definition on the top and eliminate the sagging on the bottom.
Unlike traditional training with dumbbells and machine weights which isolate and target only one set of muscles at a time -SpinGym® utilizes Gyrotronic Resistance Training (GRT). GRT uses integrated muscle engagement, simultaneously activating major, stabilizing and core muscles – all at the SAME time.

Bottom line – you get fast results in less time!

With up to 20 lbs of resistance with each pull, you’ll feel the SpinGym® effect instantly and you only need 5 minutes a day to see a noticeable improvement.
The SpinGym® Effect – you’ll look and feel more confident in clothes that reveal your arms, chest and back!

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